Protected over $1.5 million for clients within in-app
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Riga, Latvia
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What the in-app traffic is
Traffic from mobile applications (in-app) is the interaction of a user with an ad inside third-party applications.
After viewing and clicking on such an ad, the user is taken to the store for installation of the target application

We cover an audience that is
inaccessible to other traffic sources
Display, native, video,
Interstitials & Rich Media
On average, 20% lower than
in other sources*
We advertise the app to an audience that has already been interested in it
and increasing organic traffic for AppStore, Google Play and Huawei AppGallery
*depends on the client's industry, specific sources, and parameters of the ad campaign
Own database of in-app sources: 40+ agencies & 100+ DSP
In-house creative services
Daily anti-fraud analytics
Cyclical traffic optimization
How we work
Scale your app today
KPI achievement
TOP sources
How we check the traffic
433k+ orders
Gravils generated for the food delivery app KFC
GEO: Europe
Collaboration period: 20 months
Protected money: 10% of turnover
Segment: Food delivery services
20k+ new orders,
8k+ orders from retargeting
Gravils generated for the M.Video app
GEO: Europe
Collaboration period: 13 months
Protected money: 6% of turnover
Segment: E-commerce
19k+ orders
Gravils attracted
for the Hoff app
GEO: Europe
Collaboration period: 14 months
Protected money: 14% of turnover
Segment: E-commerce
7k+ new confirmed users
Gravils attracted for the
carsharing app BelkaCar
GEO: Europe
Collaboration period: 6 months
Protected money: 11% of turnover
Segment: Taxi & Carsharing
53k+ online orders with delivery
Gravils attracted for the food delivery app Lenta
GEO: Europe
Collaboration period: 16 months
Protected money: 16% of turnover
Segment: Food delivery services
80k+ online orders
Gravils attracted to the app one of the largest marketplaces in Europe
GEO: Europe
Collaboration period: 11 months
Protected money: 18% of turnover
Segment: E-commerce
Ivan Simbirtsev,
Country Manager in the CIS at Appnext
Largest app discovery platform with unique in-app & on-device recommendation engine
Gravils has been our trusted partner for a long time, and we highly recommend them as a reliable agency in the field of in-app traffic. Their professionalism and expertise in the mobile performance marketing industry are truly commendable. In our collaboration with Gravils, we have witnessed their unwavering commitment to finding the most beneficial strategies for clients and achieving their KPIs.
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Their dedication to delivering outstanding performance is evident in their client-centric approach, where they go above and beyond to ensure success. The collaboration between our platform and Gravils has led to remarkable achievements, exceeding our expectations time and again. Their dedication to delivering outstanding performance, combined with their proactive approach, makes them an invaluable partner.
Michael Balakin,
Head of EE & CIS at Xapads
A global programmatic advertising platform
Gravils has proven to be an outstanding partner for Xapads. We can highly recommend Gravils as a reliable agency in the realm of mobile performance marketing. Gravils has consistently demonstrated their ability to adapt to evolving market trends and seize opportunities for growth. We wholeheartedly endorse Gravils as a top-tier agency for anyone seeking to harness the power of in-app advertising.
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Their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to client success make them an ideal partner. With Gravils by your side, you can be confident that your advertising campaigns are in capable hands, backed by a team that will go above and beyond to ensure your objectives are not just met but exceeded.
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